Step 1: Fill out the "Cash in Form."

Step 2: Before submitting you MUST READ the "Cash in Your Game Policy" and then submit!

Step 3: We review your submission and send you a quote.

Step 4: If you accept our quote, we send you a FREE shipping label so you can ship your games in for FREE!

Step 5: Receive payment the SAME DAY we receive your trade-in!

Condition and Region Specifics:

Products must be in overall salable condition.

Only North American (NTSC) products are accepted.

Non-repairable and repairable items receive no credit or partial credit if parts can be salvaged.

No Returns for Damaged or Counterfeit Items:

All transactions are final.

Damaged or counterfeit games or systems will not be returned.

Right to Refuse:

The business reserves the right to refuse to buy anything for any reason.

Validity of Invoice:

The invoice is valid as long as packages are shipped within 2 business days.

Price List Conditions:

If packages contain an outdated, unapproved price list, or no price list, the current list will apply.