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Namco Museum DS

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Namco Museum DS allows gamers to experience a virtual arcade portal where they can choose from up to eight games: "Pac-Man," "Pac-Man VS," "Galaga," "Xevious," "Dig Dug II," "Galaxian," "Mappy," and "The Tower of Druaga." Features that are unique to Namco Museum DS include a screen mode selection that allows the use of different screen combinations on the Nintendo DS. This allows players the chance to fit their classic games specifically to the Nintendo DS or in the "stand-up" arcade style. Players can also enjoy wireless battles in Pac-Man VS, an addictive take on Pac-Man which was previously only available exclusively with the purchase or pre-order of previous games. This version of the game features downloadable play where up to four players can battle using only one Game Card.

Condition: Pre-Owned 

Platform: Nintendo DS

Rating: E-Everyone

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Namco Museum DS